Coaching Zone 6 Week Challenge

29 Apr 2021
Health & Fitness

The next Coaching Zone 6 Week Challenge kicks off from May 10th, 2021!

Boost your weight-loss progress, fast-charge your fitness capacity and kick-start that workout routine! Plus, make a few friends along the way :)


How does it work?

The Coaching Zone 6 Week Challenge helps you to enjoy a range of our Coaching Zone classes over a 6 week block - pushing your limits to fast track your health & fitness progress in a fun, family friendly and team based environment. 
The challenge is designed to cater to a wide variety of fitness levels and participants will be encouraged to attend as many sessions as possible that suits their level & schedule. In attending classes, participants will recieve points that go toward a team total - creating a little bit of friendly competition and a few prizes along the way! 

Each challenger will be allocated to a team and over the course of the 6 week period participants will be able to earn points for their team by:
  • Attending Coaching Zone sessions
  • Interacting with team members and other participants in the exclusive Coaching Zone Greensborough Facebook group
  • Wearing team colours during training sessions
  • Encouraging other members on their hard work
The team with the total number of points will win this friendly challenge! All who join the challenge will receive a confirmation email the week prior that details any information you need to know.

What can I expect?

Expect guaranteed results! The Coaching Zone program creates a supportive community atmosphere where participants enjoy the benefits of group personal training sessions designed to challenge you! The Coaching Zone program incorporates group personal nutrition with nutrition - and the 6 Week Challenge will help get you into a fantastic routine as the cooler wheather approaches. 

Challengers will join an online community in our exclusive group Facebook page, network with other participants and work together with their team captains (and other coaches) to push their tribe toward glory! 

Do I have to be a Coaching Zone member?

To access the Coaching Zone program and all of it's benefits, you'll need to be a Coaching Zone member. However, if you want to become a member or upgrade your existing membership to include Coaching Zone and this 6 Week Challenge - you can still fill out the registration form below and one of our team will get in contact with you shortly!

All Coaching Zone members have the option to "opt-in" to this 6 Week Challenge,

How do I join up?

Ready to rock and roll? Awesome!
Fill out the form below and we'll put your name on the list - plus allocate you a team!

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